What is this Blog all about?

Well, First, it is a COLLECTION of my frustrations as a  Baby BOOMER and Retiree with how we have been are being treated and abused by our government.

Second, It is a forum where I can share real and hopefully useful data and information with my fellow Boomers and Retirees that will aid them in their transition to Retirement.

And, Finally, it is a place where I can provide links to other sites that have even more good information for everyone.

Oh, and sometimes, I just need to COMPLAIN! It is my BLOG and if i feel like it, I will complain.

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LET ME KNOW! I want to provide useful and interesting information for my fellow Retirees, Seniors and Baby Boomers. So, Compliments are welcome, and Complaints or just other opinions are just as welcome. SO, LET ME KNOW what is on your mind!