Here are a few of the useful Books that I have written that are available on AMAZON as well as directly from my Publisher. Check out the secure site and hopefully, purchase one.

DONS RV INFO ----- A Book of useful information for the serious RV owner whether you have a big Motorhome or a Tag-Along Camper or a Fifth-Wheel Camper or a Pop-Up Camper. This book will provide you with valuable Maintenance and Service data as well as ideas and tricks to increase your enjoyment of your camping experience.

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An OLD RECIPE COLLECTION is a book of recipes that my wife and I had from when we lived in the Hills of Central Virginia, near Clifford,  for over a decade in the 70's.
We got most of these recipes from our neighbors and from old Church Cookbooks of the time.  Many of these recipes we still used when we want some good old-fashioned Homestyle cooking.

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to just check the Book out , or maybe to purchase.


ONE BULLET is a detective story about a half Navajo, ex-Marine who went to work as a detective for a Special investigation Unit of the Tampa Police Department.
He has the world by the tail until one day an Assassin comes to town and the detective is drawn into a world of subterfuge, and lies, that end up turning his life upside-down.


ROADKILL is a varied and entertaining collection of interesting Short Stories about life and life’s lessons learned. 
These stories include; humor, Love, real life situations and even Satire for the readers entertainment.

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