Wednesday, April 8, 2015

I'm going to be on Vacation next week. How a Retiree Vacations.

First of all, my wife and I are Retired.

Secondly, I live in Florida. You know that place where snow is something you see on television.

Living here, we do have a nice lifestyle and my wife and I enjoy it immensely.

But, unlike what so many of our relatives ad friends think, we do not live on the beaches and at Tiki Bars every day and night.

I mean, really? If we did live at such the fast pace everyone imagines, the added abuse to our already worn bodies and organs, would probably shorten our life expectancy dramatically.

In fact, it usually takes around a year and a half for new retirees in this year-round tropical paradise to settle down and develop a realistic lifestyle that suits them. And you can tell when this happens; they smile a lot more without the hangovers and excessive running around.

Oh, we "established? settled?" retirees do go out to nice places where we often have great views of beaches, waterways and Palm Trees and eat good food especially the local seafood. But we do it only once or twice a week, and some of our friends do this even less often.

And, we do go to the beaches, occasionally. We are both walkers and sometimes, just to change the scenery, we will go to a nearby beach and walk.

You see, its the rare Floridian who spends a lot of their time lying in the Sun.

We're in the Sun constantly and in reality we're the usually the ones you see with the broad brimmed hats and the long-sleeved shirts rated as some high SPF level. Constant exposure is not a good thing.

We do play in the sun, mostly with sports like Golf, Kayaking, Fishing and such; these are what draws us out, most of the time.

And the big joke we tell people is; "You should feel sorry for me, I'm Retired, so I never get a vacation or a day off. Its the same old thing every day! We get up each morning and do silly retiree things every day!"

Well, we think its funny!

But, to be honest, we do get vacations, of a sort.

We get vacations when we have family or friends visiting us. You see, when they visit, they are on a real vacation, and we get to share it with them.

We have friends visiting us next week and that's why I say we will be on vacation. We get to go out with them and; show them the sights, take them to interesting restaurants, cook something special on our grill, actually lie on the beach one day and do other things that vacationers want to do.

And, we get to sit around with them and talk about pretty much anything and everything. We really do enjoy getting new perspectives on the world and on people from someone that is still running in the rat race.

So thats why we enjoy having the occasional visitor stay with us. And when they leave, we actually feel like we had a little vacation of our own.

I guess everyone needs a change in their life occasionally, just to keep their brains functioning, and having good friends and relatives stop by for a few days is a great way to do it.

by Don Bobbitt, 2015

Copyright, Don Bobbitt, 2015
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