Saturday, January 17, 2015

Just Shut Up, all of you YOUNG Health Nuts, Where is a plan for us Seniors and Boomers

Exercise Machine
The young marketeers of today do not have a clue about us, the Seniors of the world, and what we want and need.

Every time I read another article or watch another advertisement about healthy exercise on TV, ti's always the same thing.

Pictures of young perfectly formed athletes working out in the gym.

Well, heres some news for you. While a few of us may have once looked like those models, the rest of the world never did, and after a lifetime of abusing our bodies, we are definitely far from looking like those advertisement pictures.

What we Seniors need is a healthy exercise plan or system that allows for our pulled muscles, broken bones and destroyed backs.

We need a "real" system of exercise that we can perform and not those pablum-oriented ones that we se on TV with people in wheelchairs waving their arms.

I know for a fact that even they, the wheelchair-bound get pissed at those ads.

Click on the link below to my article on HubPages to read my full Rant about the unfairness of how we are treated.

Healthy Exercise for Seniors and Boomers.

by Don Bobbitt, 2015

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