Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Seniors View of His Medical Insurance Future

Ryan-pic by DonkeyHotey via flickr

It seems that we Seniors are eating too much Chicken at the political picnic!

And, if history is any lesson on how corporations and governments operate, I and the rest of us Boomers, are in serious trouble.

I figure that once the younger people of America get put on "Coupons" for their future insurance,I assume we older ones with be the next ones who get the shaft. 

It would be a natural and obvious next step for the government as Medicare costs go up, if for no other reason than that there will be less people on Medicare and thus the shared costs will be less. 

This in itself would drive our Congress to give we remaining participants our own "Coupons". And applaud themselves for doing it.

Here is the thing about COUPONS that we should all remember.
1-let's say that Congress approves and issues a Coupon for $150 per month for you to go out and buy insurance yourself with independent insurance companies.
2- Everyone goes out and purchases insurance coverage for $140 per month at first.
3- Then, 3 years later inflation has made the insurance companies charge $170 per month.
Where do the "Coupon"  holders then stand?
Well, they write a check for the difference themselves, every month, until Congress meets and approves an increase in the value of a COUPON.
4- So, after another year, they place a bill before congress for a COUPON increase $170, right?
5- Well, If you assume there are 50-Million people on Medicare that's $20 times 50-million or over 1-Billion dollars would be added to the National debt.
6- So with this kind of potential increase to the debt, there will be a lot of fighting over whether an increase will be approved at all.
7- And if it is approved then they will, in all probability, add provisions to cut the coverage available and thus reduce that awful 1-Billion dollar future debt.

This is my scenario analysis and as we Boomers and Seniors die off, our combined influence and leverage in congress will slowly decline until we are an insignificant force to be dealt with, at the worst times in our lives, when we are in our eighties or older.

And, if my scenario is correct, by the time Congress did anything to raise the coverage and implement the change, the insurance companies will probably have raised their rates to $180.

See the problem?

So,get ready to be put on the perpetual CATCH-UP Wheel of shrinking Medical Care.


Wednesday, April 15, 2015



That's Right!

Leave my *S&%$ Alone!

What really burns me, on a regular basis, is the fact that Society was just not ready for us the Baby Boomers to arrive.

And, surprise! We are here, NOW!

And we need to start speaking up to get our fair and unencumbered access to each other and to the rest of the aging American public.

That's right, it is time that we, as Boomers, start being heard and seen. Heard and seen as a political force that will not be walked on by the others presently in power in Washington.

We should be wearing this little phrase and Logo of mine on T-shirts, Golf shirts, and Baseball caps, everywhere we go!.

All of us, the Boomers, along with the existing Seniors in this great country of ours, should be wearing such banners in public, letting everyone know that we are here, and we have demands.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Senior Discounts. Know where to save.


The Senior of today needs to take advantage of every way they can find to save their money.

And, you might be surprised to know just how many companies offer discounts to Seniors, if they just ask for them.

A friend sent me an email recently that he had received from someone else.

In it, someone had accumulated the list you see below, of the top business' who do give a Senior Discount.

Check them out and take advantage of the savings.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

I'm going to be on Vacation next week. How a Retiree Vacations.

First of all, my wife and I are Retired.

Secondly, I live in Florida. You know that place where snow is something you see on television.

Living here, we do have a nice lifestyle and my wife and I enjoy it immensely.

But, unlike what so many of our relatives ad friends think, we do not live on the beaches and at Tiki Bars every day and night.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Hey, Mr. 1%! You are fat and happy now! But we're coming for you!

Source: Public Domain

Hey, Mr. 1%!

Let me think for a minute here about YOU and I! 

OK! I think I have it.

If I work for a living and make, say, $30K-40K, I have to pay taxes. 
I don;t know how to do taxes, typically, so I have to pay someone else to do that for me. 
I have no real deductions except for my House interest and it's not enough to be useful. 

My medical care hasn't been catastrophic, so it's no where near meeting the minimum deductible. 

My work clothes are not uniforms, so I can't claim them.

SO I have to file straight form and PAY even more to the IRS, because my Boss didn't take out enough, in the first place?

Now You on the other hand, the infamous 1%? 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Reality tarnishes my first year of retirement, discovering the first political lie I had lived with.

The Joke is on ME!

First of all, I am a Baby Boomer.

I am in my late sixties and have been retired just long enough to become aware of my unique status in US Politics and the world.

When I walked out the corporate door, I was whistling happy songs and I couldn't wait to get started on these my "retirement years".

Boy, was that a great time for my wife and I.

For a while, that is.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Just Shut Up, all of you YOUNG Health Nuts, Where is a plan for us Seniors and Boomers

Exercise Machine
The young marketeers of today do not have a clue about us, the Seniors of the world, and what we want and need.

Every time I read another article or watch another advertisement about healthy exercise on TV, ti's always the same thing.

Pictures of young perfectly formed athletes working out in the gym.

Well, heres some news for you. While a few of us may have once looked like those models, the rest of the world never did, and after a lifetime of abusing our bodies, we are definitely far from looking like those advertisement pictures.

What we Seniors need is a healthy exercise plan or system that allows for our pulled muscles, broken bones and destroyed backs.

We need a "real" system of exercise that we can perform and not those pablum-oriented ones that we se on TV with people in wheelchairs waving their arms.

I know for a fact that even they, the wheelchair-bound get pissed at those ads.

Click on the link below to my article on HubPages to read my full Rant about the unfairness of how we are treated.

Healthy Exercise for Seniors and Boomers.

by Don Bobbitt, 2015