Thursday, May 22, 2014

Who Crashed my PC? This time! Part-1 It happened again!

My old Notebook PC

I'm back!
and operating on my Blogs and web site again.

OK, some of you never missed me, but I do try to provide useful information for my readers and for those of you that do read my Blogs, I want you to know that I was taken down by a combination of insidious problems that are all susceptible to.

I was taken down, this time, by Malware and a cheap PC hard drive.

I decided to write several Blogs that explain what happened and what I ended up doing to protect myself in the future. So, I hope this information is useful to at least a few of you.


First off, I am a retired Engineer, and I used to be a programmer for a number of years in my career. So, I know how a PC operates and I know the web and and how it operates.

I started out, too many years ago I admit, using a PC with a Microsoft operating system and the associated software packages that ran on them. I was never an "Apple Guy".

So, let's leap forward to today and my personal PC. I decided that i no longer needed the fastest PC in the world anymore. For my personal needs, as a retiree, I decided to back of to something up to date but a lot cheaper.

Two years ago, when my previous PC died (hard drive and keyboard problems), I purchased a nice 15-inch notebook PC (ASUS) at Best Buy. It was less than $300, had a nice HD screen, used the latest Microsoft operating system, and I could load my existing Microsoft Office and Photoshop Elements packages (plus a few others) onto it for free.

And I was happy. I wrote my blogs, did my drawing, edited my photography. I was happy.

Then, two weeks ago, it crashed.

It was a normal day. I had my cup of coffee beside me, my laptop in, well, my lap, and was waiting for it to grab my WIFI and connect me to the world wide web.

But, as I sipped, i realized that the opening screen of Windows 8.1 would start, and then it would disappear, and then it would try to start again. This was happening over and over.

I immediately knew what it was! Something had taken over my PC.
Being an old hand at PC's and their weakness' this wasn't my first crash.

I do my due diligence. I back up my personal data on my PC onto a separate hard drive. And, being a lazy person, I only do this once a month, but, I do back up my stuff.

I won't bother you with too much technical stuff, but let me say that after I had tried all of the PC tricks I knew, I realized that I had either a new Virus, a Malware attack, or a hard drive crash.

Now, I do run my anti-virus software (the free version of Avast) every 2-3 days, whenever my PC is sitting dormant, so to speak. And, I run the free Microsoft Malware software a couple of times a month. And, as i said, I back up my personal data onto an external hard drive monthly.

But, they got me!

So, what did I do to get my "stuff" back? Well, I decided that it was time for me to sit back and re-evaluate my PC needs at this stage of my life and that is what I will describe in Who Crashed my PC? Part-2 What do I actually use my PC for, anyway?

by Don Bobbitt, 2014
Copyright Don Bobbitt, 2014


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