Friday, May 30, 2014

Who Crashed my PC? Part-4 Selecting my Future PC.

Part-4 Selecting my Future PC

Before I went home, I took a walk around Best Buy and checked out all of my options in the PC world, including the Apple PCs.

Apple products are price controlled and they cost the same thing everywhere, so I just talked tech talk with the sales guy before I had him demo 3 of his most popular low-cost PCs with the Windows operating system.

Actually, not a lot had changed, there were the same brand names on the shelf as there had been two years ago, and other than there being a few tech spec improvements, the pricing was even the same.

So, I walked out, still undecided, but at least I felt that I was up to date on my options.  I then drove across the street to the Mall where they had an Apple store, replete with trained sales guys to answer my questions.

I took up over two hours of the sales guys time with questions and discussions but they are all trained to be patient with customers.

I finally knew that if I wanted an Apple PC, it was going to be the new Apple Mac Pro with the 13-inch screen, 256 GB of flash drive, and the Retina display.

Here are some of the details I had learned;

First of all Apple doesn't make any CHEAP PCs. Their MAC line is short and all of them are pretty powerful machines in every technical aspect that I could think of. Even if you just pick one up, it feels like a quality piece of equipment.

On the other hand, if you handle some of the PCs made by all of those companies that have popped up over the past few years, you would assume total destruction of the device if you happened to drop it. They are not just cheap, they feel and look cheaply made.

Second, Apple wants you to have a PC with a solid-state flash drive (which is costly but more durable) as compared to the other PC companies wanting you to live with a mechanical hard drive (which is cheap in cost) which is probably the number one physical part to go bad on the PC. And the most catastrophic.

Third, The Apple has their "Retina Display" and the PC has a "HD display?. Both are high resolution displays and the Apple display might be a little "heartier" physically. I do know that the physical package of the MAC is so much sturdier and of course lighter than the other cheap Windows PCs.

Fourth, Battery life of the APPLE Mac PRO is great.  I was looking at is a solid 8-10 hours while that of the best of the cheap PCs was a piddling 3-5 hours.

Fifth, Operating systems. I am not doing a critique of operating systems here. I have used Windows since DOS-1.0 so I am familiar with it and all of the Microsoft software packages. On the other hand, other than my limited use of Apple operating systems via my iPad and iPhone, I have not used a Mac, per se.
I have used Pages, which is their Word, and Numbers which is their Excel.

The biggest problem I have with them is the fact that they are different, not so much in capabilities, just in how you get them to do what you want. In reality both companies have to be competitive so they have to provide the same functions. in their software. With Apple, I will have to put on my "learning hat" more often with Apple than just jumping in with abandon on Windows software.

I actually wrote these differences as well as a number of other small but picky things to compare.

I think it is time for a glass of wine and some serious contemplation.

by Don Bobbitt, 2014

Copyright, Don Bobbitt, 2014

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