Monday, October 27, 2014

Just THINKIN'- Politicians and Lying. How do they wake up the next morning and not loath themselves?

I was watching the news this morning and I was a little distressed by the fact that they were showing an ad by one politician WHO WAS RUNNING for A Political Position.

To be fair, seeing as the election is fast approaching, I had just watched this politicians opponent's ad less than an hour before.

They are both the standard offering from their respective political parties. They are both wealthy, and they both blame the other for just about everything that is wrong in the world at the moment.

Here's the problem.

Both of their ads are BLATANT LIES and have been admitted to be so by both parties, when they are pressed on the supposed facts reported.

But, this is now OK? Yes, that's right, we may have once thought our politicians were lying about one thing or another, but now, all doubt has been removed. Each of their election committees throw out their twisted and distorted interpretations of the TRUTH to the public with the hope of having the casual citizen, see it, and believe it.

The TRUTH is no longer important to politicians, only the vote.

I honestly feel that, even though I cannot change this deplorable trend in election politics, I can stand up and say to my potential political representatives;

"YOU ARE WHORES!" Whores of the big money generators who finance your campaigns and generate such lies.

SCRUPLES? I think not. How can you claim to possess such a personal standard when you allow such blatant falsehoods to be generated in your name?
HONESTY? Again, No!

No honest man that I have ever known would allow such tripe to be published against even their worst personal enemies.

We, the people, are being abandoned by the political system. A system that has broken loose from the reins that held them in check, and allowed truly honest people to run for office.

So, I was Just THINKING,
Is this true or is it a part of the world of our election process where anyone can put out an ad that says pretty much anything about their opponents?

What happened to telling the TRUTH in Election ads?
1- About yourself. and
2- About your opponent.

When did it become OK to control elections by having more money to deluge the public with your ads, than your opponent?

I am not a proponent of new laws that regulate our world today. God knows that we have too many of those now. But, I really do think that we need some kind of regulation/penalty system that will allow the public to hear the TRUTH and not to tell lies!

All I want is a simple rule; 
If you say it, it had better be the Truth, or you are in trouble!

How do we do this, I don't know, but I don't want to keep finding out these things about our local politicians just because it is a slow news day and the media decides to pick up on a political ad for filler..

Nuff Said!!

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