Wednesday, February 1, 2012

PRIMARIES and the CANDIDATES - My RANT on the realization of my importance in it all

Blowing in the Wind

Sitting in Florida and watching the Republican Candidates

Well, they just left town!

A couple of them were strutting as they left and the others were flashing their individual versions of bombast!

But, they did all leave!

What I saw was a group of people that had to leave town, before the polls had even opened.

Riding in their multi-million dollar customized motorhomes donated by their big backers (read lobbyist here, whether you want to use the word or not, that's what they rally are).

Anyway, they RAN from town, and went onward to the next state. There , some of them will crank the Organ and some will dance in their cute costumes, to the music. But they will all sing. Sing newer and better songs,all full of promises.

But, that will happen in another state, where their speech writers can pull up their list of pre-written BS on their computers, and subtly customize each to what they think will make the next states party members love them the most.

As to us? Those Floridians that were so popular and so important to them just a couple of days ago?

We, that shook their hands,

We, that were mesmerized by saturated news systems across the state, and the nation talking about us and our desires?

We, whom they courted so lovingly?

Well, we now sit here, watching these same people who cared about us so much, now vowing their fealty and never-ending love and concern to these strangers, in a different state.

Oh, How Fickle is Love!

Or, should I say, How Fickle are Politicians.

They took our Love and ran. That's what I saw.

They took our Love (read votes) and then went on to the next town and started their vows of loyalty to yet another group of people.

People who had some of the same concerns as we did, but who also had special concerns and desires of their own.

Now, these Politicians, who answered OUR questions so smoothly, and promised to look out for US if elected, were now making new promises.

Oh, some of the promises were the same as we had heard, but there were others thrown in just for this new group of voters.

And, it became obvious that some promises were in direct conflict with others we had heard, just days before.

But, even the jaded and biased press have just shrugged these anomalies off, as being what we should expect.

After all, these guys are Politicians, and who is so gullible as to believe everything that they say?

The Press was too busy looking for the great break, the great slip-up, the big WHOOPS.

Watching the press, over the past week or so, I realized that they have evolved into a group of Firewater Salesmen.

They have control of an enormous system that could analyze candidates and their stands on issues and give the public a clear, and HONEST presentation of the candidates.

But, alas, the Press has evolved into people who get in front of cameras, with their perfect makeup, and stylish clothes, and discuss between each other what has been dug up in the trash pile of speeches and statements of the candidates.

Do they dig up real facts about the candidates that would educate the public and aid them in their decision process.

No, not at all, what I saw was a grand search for Dirt!

And if there was no Dirt, then, let's paraphrase and chop the words and histories of each candidate to the point that we can at least imply wrong-doing or false statements or unsavory acts.

After all, the Truth is so Boring! And, boring doesn't sell!

Political Commercials and Politicians

Then there were the Political Commercials that we were flooded with.

I ask you: Why should I trust someone, with my country, that will spend so much money to twist the truth to such limits as we have seen, in the hope of getting more votes.

I already knew that I would never find a Cheeseburger, at any McD's that I go to, that looks as large and delicious as the one's that they put in their ADs.

Now, i know, sadly, that I will never get a candidate that resembles what I saw for this week that they were all dancing for us, in Florida.

No, I will have candidates that literally are able to speak out of one side of their mouths to me, and that same night approve ads that speak of them and their opponents from the other side.

But, you say; They are Politicians, and that is what they have to do to get elected!

Oh Well! It must be true!

So, I have probably already been forgotten as they moved their wares to the next town and set up their tents to dupe another group of people into giving them their love.

In summary; I assume from what I have seen over the past week, that whichever candidate is elected, from whichever party, they will follow their own lobbyist-driven directives and to hell with what they may have promised us.

We were yesterdays news, and they will have new and more important things to do than keep their promises that they have made to the people across the country.

Oh, and as to the incumbent?

Well, when he has no opposition and as the parties candidate, he can sit back and watch the Organ Grinders and Monkeys of the opposition dance and sing, and smile at it all.

And he can be above the ridiculous fray we all see, until there is only one left.

But, be ready, we will eventually get to watch the final opponents from each party dance to their own, more frantic and probably just as false tunes.

I so look forward to more of this!

Don't You?

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