Monday, January 23, 2012

Hey SnowBirds! We Really Don't Care!

SnowBird - pic by molley via Flikr

Hey SnowBirds! We Really Don't Care!

  A Hub of mine where I give a satirical view of Snowbirds from the perspective of a Southerner. I hope you enjoy my jibs and jabs.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I Entertain myself on HubPages, but I WORK on my Books or how I keep my Sanity as a writer!

A Writers tool

I have really been working on my writing skills over the past few years.
This article that I wrote on HubPages describes how I think I have improved and what I am working on right now to get even better.
Check it out if you are interested in what I have learned about making money as a writer today.

I Entertain myself on HubPages, but I WORK on my Books or how I keep my Sanity as a writer!

Friday, January 6, 2012

One in Eight Millionaires are Tax Audited by the IRS

Mr. Rich pic by mediaflury via flikr

ONE in EIGHT, that's 1 in 8, Millionaires were audited by the IRS last year!
This was one of those CNN streamer tag-lines lines morning.
OK, this, for some reason really BURNS ME!
Where is the individual opportunity for catching and recovering the most money?

We call that "Bang for the Buck", by the way.

The individual from the poor or Middle Class population, or the Millionaire with all of those customized exemptions that they take advantage of?

I say, go for the Millionaires and their cheating accountants!

And, BTW, Why not audit the Accountants, as far as their procedures are concerned? They are the one's making the "How to Cheat" deciions.
Again ...... SIGH!

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