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That's Right!

Leave my *S&%$ Alone!

What really burns me, on a regular basis, is the fact that Society was just not ready for us the Baby Boomers to arrive.

And, surprise! We are here, NOW!

And we need to start speaking up to get our fair and unencumbered access to each other and to the rest of the aging American public.

That's right, it is time that we, as Boomers, start being heard and seen. Heard and seen as a political force that will not be walked on by the others presently in power in Washington.

We should be wearing this little phrase and Logo of mine on T-shirts, Golf shirts, and Baseball caps, everywhere we go!.

All of us, the Boomers, along with the existing Seniors in this great country of ours, should be wearing such banners in public, letting everyone know that we are here, and we have demands.

OK, we don't have to march! YET!

But, what we need to do is to start a grassroots system of recognition of and by our own peers. Whether we are Liberal or Conservative in our thinking, we need to band together and be recognized.

We need the recognition by the rest of the world, and specifically our politicians, that we are a force to be reckoned with and that they had better start doing their jobs and recognizing US as an entity to be dealt with.

And Dealt with NOW!

Presently we just sit here, the few of us in this Boomer demographic, and the others that are still working their jobs and watching their "R" date keep moving further into the future  mostly because Congress can't pay us our just due. (That "R" is for Retirement.).

We just sit here and complain, to each other.

Those of us that have gone through the transition from the classification of "working person" to that of "retiree" have had some unique and stunning experiences that we need to share with the rest of you.

The most harrowing experience, to me, was the realization, after our "transition" to Retiree status, and actually seeing where we stand in the world, was the ways we had been "screwed".

We were shocked by the realization that our politicians are desperately trying to find a way to slip changes into our laws that will allow them to take our benefits away from us before enough of us are into the system to realize what they have done to us..

I guess that they think "A working person with plenty to eat, and good Insurance can be screwed with and be expected not to fight back.

While someone that is out there, with a defined and limited income along with poor health insurance coverage would possibly "fight back".

And, it seems, they feel a need to make their supposed necessary changes (read reductions)., before enough of us have moved over and into the "Benefits System".

These are benefits, or entitlements, or as we say, "just dues", by the way, that these same politicians (well they all look and act the same to me because only the names changed, over time) told us to pay our monies into for our whole life.

We were told, Pay our money Into these INSURANCE systems, not ENTITLEMENT systems, which seems to be the new "Dirty word" that they like to use now.

I am amazed by the fact that the media and everyone else makes It sounds like we are asking for something that we haven't paid for and now expect to receive, gratis.

Congress told our Boomer generation - Trust Us!

They would take care of us, they said, at the same time as they raped the SS system of it's funds we had paid into it.

We should trust them to take care of our monies, and we would have a secure future of defined income and Health Care, when our bodies were aged, wounded and worn out.

Then, while we, like Lemmings, worked our butts off, and paid into these systems, designed for us; they simultaneously took the money out and spent it on other federal programs and they were so cocky they even enlarged their own privileged retirement and medical care systems.

Now, i'm not writing this to dispute the merits of any other federal programs that our monies went to. That is definitely not my purpose here.

I am speaking about the fact that "they" raped our Insurance system, and now, like squealing rats on a sinking ship, they are crawling over each other, pointing fingers, and blaming others for the situation, even us the legal recipients, and thus refusing to fix the very problem that "they" caused.

You have to love it when these heartless fools walk in front of the TV, in their designer suits, with their multiple aides standing just out of camera range, reading a speech that some "Gen-X-er, or Millenial" wrote; about how Seniors are selfish and there are going to be too many seniors on the dole for whats left to pay for things.

Spouting that they need to feed the needy (read; illegal immigrants, non-citizens, drug addicts, and professional welfare recipients), and so on, not the real needy citizens of our country, they slip their wicked fingers deeper into the till.

And the opposition groups of politicians follows these fools with; cut all taxes, lower the budget, by any means, and if the seniors get hurt, then so be it. Because, come on, we just cannot condone taxing the Rich and Wealthy.

Well, the truth is, if we started actually plugging the tas loopholes on this political "1%", they just might pull their money out of the international investment markets including investments in China, to pay for more of where our government funds go.

They keep saying, "It just wouldn't be fair" to these privileged few.

Hell, even Warren Buffet has stated that his and his wealthy peers' taxes were so low, that he was embarrassed.

As a newly indoctrinated Boomer who has been dubbed a Senior and a Retiree, what I hear is;

Screw the old people, and Screw the real Needy of America!

They should all just go into their corners and die. They are a nuisance to our Socialistic ideals and Capitalistic goals.

And we need to take what they actually paid for and give it to these others that are a more deserving (read Visible) group of downtrodden souls.

They all look healthy to me, as they walk to pick up their welfare checks, some even being second and third generation "Welfare Professionals", so lets make them work a job, whether they like it or not, if they want that check.

Or let them fend for themselves, and get into line with the other truly indigent or lame, or wounded citizens of our country and actually prove that they really are unable to work.

They don't deserve to be treated any different than anybody else, even the ones that sneak into our country and jump immediately onto our "free ride" system.

In my opinion, todays politicians don't really want to raise the non-working portion of the populace up to the standards of the rest of America,. NO, they want to lower the rest of America down to the level of the free-loaders.

Sorry, Folks,that's what I hear when these privileged few stand there demanding that they be allowed to pull America down while they, themselves; make 6-figure plus salaries and vacation on their yachts and in their foreign condos.

While they have expense accounts for just about everything you can imagine.

While they have free limo service and air transportation that their accountants know how to write off as business expenses.

While they have the best medical care and life insurance available in the world, because they can afford it..

And while they have paid staffs in the dozens and even hundreds for some, that do all of their work for them, etc, etc, etc.

What do I hear?

I hear, "I got mine, and You Aint Gonna get Yours, Cause you are paying for mine and this gig is just too good to give up!"

So, my rant is ending! What happens now?

Well, this spoiled and dysfunctional crew of "leaders" wants us to TRUST THEM again. This time they want us to trust them to "just take a little bit" of our PAID FOR retirement checks and Insurance coverage.

Checks and Insurance that we paid for with our sweat and sacrifices throughout our lives, so that we could RETIRE with some level of comfort and respect.

For perspective, here is an old Joke: QUESTION: Why is there no recorded incidence of a SHARK attacking a Lawyer? 
ANSWER: Professional Courtesy!

Sad to say, I think that this professional courtesy can be extended to our elected officials in Washington.

They are now a group of people who are more concerned with their ideologies and their GROUP (political party) than they are with the constituency that elected them, and their true welfare.

It's as if our politicians, today, were so privileged in their lives that they have no concept of the true meaning of the phrase "elected representatives of the people".

But rather, they are part of an upper class of people that, like the crooked car dealer who found a way to trick a buyer out of an additional $100, and do so without any qualms at all,

They think that they have found a way to trick our demographic of middle class American citizens out of their right to representation and use their new Congressional JOBS to enhance their own personal; images, egos, and fortunes.

Now, all of that said, and as a Boomer, and someone who has retired after working most of my life, in progressively complex jobs that did require a basic level of reasoning skills, I am being preached to by my politicians, as if I were STUPID. No, not just stupid, but mentally disabled!

I am being treated as if I didn't understand finances when I spent decades negotiating complex technical contracts for millions of dollars with other companies around the world.

It's as if, somehow, someone stuck a hypodermic needle into my left ear on my 65th birthday, and sucked half of my brain out!

Well, I'm tired of such treatment by people, who are consistently demonstrating that their reasoning's are missing one critical foundation block that all smart companies want in the people on their staff.

For some reason, once they drink the Kool-Aid in DC our politicians suddenly think that the money in the Federal coffers belongs to them, to do with as they wish.

We need to keep letting them understand that these monies are ours. It is the property of the citizens and not the property of their political parties.

So, lets start showing our politicians that we are here, and that we have had enough!

We all need for each of to tell Congress what we Think of their rape of the Social Security and Medicare systems.

Let's let them know that they need to LMSA!


Here are a few suggestions:

If we need solutions, let's start with some hard decisions that do not give cradle-to-grave benefits to illegal aliens, drug addicts with kids, professional baby generators, professional welfare system abusers and just plain crooks.

I am a Baby Boomer. I paid taxes on my Income as Social Security and Medicare taxes, and today, they again tax what I get, as my benefits. That's Double Taxation in anyone's book!

And, if there isn't enough to go around then sorry but you had better leave my benefits alone until you, the politicians, can show that you have removed these people from our systems.

And, before I will starve or die from a lack of decent food and medical treatment, before I will let my car or home be repossessed because I no longer have enough income to pay for it, before I get shoved out onto the street and into food lines, I want ALL of these; non-tax-paying non-citizen, aliens and crooks off of the dole.

And if they don't like it? Well, when it comes to them or me? I am going to do my best to make sure that my money goes to me.

Aliens? You don't like it what I have to say?

Here is a reasonable suggestion: Get Out! We'll feed you and your illegal kids while you arrange transportation.

If you can't afford a ticket? We can give you a great deal on a one-way ticket. Once! Our politicians say we can't afford you anymore, So Adios!

Professional welfare Moms, Drug Addicts with Kids, Criminals with lawyers that delay their cases for years and then get them welfare and food stamps, etc?

Get a real Job, or lose your kids.We can raise them at a much lower cost than paying you money, that the kids never see anyway.

Medicare crooks and non-violent professional criminals?

Well, my dad and a number of my Uncles had to work in CCC camps during the Great Depression. They got paid to work on public projects. They were paid a pittance, but they were fed, clothed, and were given medical attention while they worked for the good of the country.

It might be time for the federal government to buy some tents and start some major public infrastructure projects?

If, as the politicians say, there is not enough to go around then: Sorry everyone out there abusing our system that is so full of legal holes, the ride is over.

And I mean it!


As a PS to the Politicians: I am a legal, tax-paying citizen of the USA, and I VOTE! so wipe that smile off of your face, your days are numbered.

by DON BOBBITT, 2015

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