Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Retired Silverback

Silverback pic by Derek Keats via flikr

A Retired Silverback

This Hub is my story of what I saw coming with my career as I aged and the resultant plans I made and implemented to assure my retirement, on my conditions.

Auto Service the Big Money Maker

Auto by Don Bobbitt

Auto Service the Big Money Maker

This Hub recounts my experience when I took my car to a dealer for a battery replacement and they tried to "high Pressure" me into purchasing other repairs, many of which were unnecessary.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Medicare for Illegal Immigrants

Today, the Senate approved an extention of Medicare Benefits for Disabled ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS.
So, its becoming more clear to me why my oountry cant afford to pay for my Medicare!
Just who sets these priorities in our country where the citizens are a lower class than the non-citizens?

My Best Cheeseburger! Ever!

Tasty Cheeseburger
My Best Cheeseburger! Ever!

This is a link to my HubPage article about a childhood experience of mine.

It recounts the time when I ate my most memorable CHEESEBURGER of my life.

It is a pretty good read, and I really think you will enjoy the story.