Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tea Party members of Congress and Repubs taking oaths?

Sometimes You just have a Bad Day!

Here is my Opinion on the Politicians who are running things.

My Opinion is worth what you just paid for it!

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This is a relatively short Hub, and is a reaction to what I got out of the speeches by the President and the Speaker of the House not long ago..

I write this out of my sense of rage, and to drive you, the reader to react.

I will delete it soon, after my head clears and this issue is a piece of history and not an ongoing staged Circus where the Clowns are in charge.

OK! I Understand!

Politics is a dirty business.

But, not long ago, as I watched the President and the Speaker make their lame and boring speeches attempting to blame everything going bad in Congress on the other

One thing was said during this boring and childish exchange that really enraged me.

I think I heard right. The President made a statement that, and this is not a direct quote, so bear with me.

He said that there were over 100 Tea-Partiers and Republicans in the house that had taken an OATH not to accept any new taxes in the present budget negotiations.

An OATH! By Politicians?

To what political purpose?

Are they thinking that their goals are so right that they can stand and watch as our nation falls into a financial quagmire.

Do they really believe that it is perfectly OK to take an Oath not to compromise and do what might be the right thing for all of the nations people, in an effort to save our country's economy.

How can they believe that such radicalism justifies the pain suffered by the people of the our nation from their actions?

Now, as I have said in the Past, I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican.

Rather I vote for the person, or issue, that I can accept, and have done so in every election of my life. I just have not been able to follow any one groups dictates based on a groups political philosophy. That's just me, I guess.

In fact, I end up not liking the total political package that any large group of people puts together on just about any issue..

Oh, I always have, and still do, understand that the more people that are involved in a public statement of purpose, the more the compromises that will be worked into the final document to make it acceptable.

But, an OATH to stand on one single politically motivated financial position, and damn all efforts to some level of reasonable overall compromise, is a truly radical thing to do in politics.

So radical that I ask; are these people political Jihadists? Have they taken their delusions of perfection to the point of making a religious stand rather than a political stand?

Did no one tell all of these new "representatives of the people" that their job was to represent all of their constituents, and not one single philosophical stand, as they performed their jobs in Congress?

Did no one tell them that they were put there to learn from their peers, and work together towards the best decisions for their nation as a whole?

Did no one tell them that they represent the great "mixing pot" of America ..... all of it?

Sure, they got elected by some level of a voting majority back home.

But, they were elected for a number reasons. In each one of their cases they were elected to take their political statements of purpose, and use them to represent the whole of their constituency, and not just one group's ideology, much less to enforce one single political campaign slogan.

A Single-Minded View of the World

I really don't care what party you are a member of, when you are so single minded and blind to the overall needs of all of your country;s people, Once you go there, you have discarded the purpose of your own election, and our whole country suffers for your misguided stupidity.

Taking an Oath, to one unbending political statement, not only scares me, but makes me wonder about what these people think they are actually there for.

Don't get me wrong. I can sit here and make reasonable arguments; for more money to spend as well as for spending less, for more spending on SS as well as less, for more taxes as well as for less. And on and on.

But, you see, that is not my job. I personally elected people to represent ME, as best they can when they got to Congress. As we all did across this great country of ours.

I never expected to put someone there that would have an ideology that was a mirror of mine. But I did expect them to use intelligence and reason, and work with their peers to make the best decisions that they could, while keeping me in mind.

At this time, I just don't see it happening when people can be so unfocused on their true responsibility to the American people..

An Update after the Election

OK, The Election is over!

We all have to either revel in this fact or accept it. It's not going to change, so we and our government need to move on.

But, I want to ask; Has anything changed?

The balance of power in the House and Senate are pretty much the same, so the same ridiculous ideas prevail in each House.

Oh, the Tea Party radicals are still there, overall, driving their points home,but now, with a lot of egg on their face from a humiliating mandate from the American Public.

So, I watch as all of the peacocks prance around in front of the cameras, promising to cooperate on our nations budget problems.

But, look closely in their eyes and you will see the same thing that I see. They are not changed, only more cautious about hat they say.

I fear for our nation, still!

I fear that as the days pass and the deadline for reason approaches, these fools will still "stand their ground" and drive our government into the next level of CHAOS by their fanatical ideologies.

I Fear!