Monday, March 14, 2011

ME? and Retirement.

I actually retired several years ago, and have been living on a couple of small pensions and significantly reduced SS payments.
The reasons for my early retirement are varied, and seemed appropriate at the time.
So I have no real reasons to second guess myself.

And that is what I recommend to you.
When you Retire, of course you should adjust your plans as your life and financial circumstances change.
But don't cry over spilt milk.   Whatever happened that changed for you, you need to react to, but just move on, and adjust and change as necessary, so you can live your retired life the way you want.

Look at your finances, CLOSELY!
Do your research, especially on the web.
I found so many great sites with good basic information for retirees and potential retirees, that after about six months of putting myself through my own personal training program, I was able to make sound retirement decisions based on my own needs.

I recommend that you do the same.
Oh, by the way, remember that any person or company that claims to be an expert in retirement planning?
Well they all have a vested interest in "helping" you invest/spend your money, or so it ended up for me.
I recommend that you listen to them,but do it with a tight grip on your money.
And, no matter how hard a sell job they are throwing at you, please, be smart a d walk away without signing anything.
Here is my suggestion:
If they are professional, then they will understand,
If they keep pushing you? RUN!
Well, that's it for the day!
Have a Good One!

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